From the overview effect towards a healthy future of digitism, from playing in VR towards travelling more sustainable and taking action locally to further shape a healthy future. We hope you took the ideas of our first line-up of speakers with you and feel free to connect to them to work towards a healthy future together.

Thanks for attending the first-ever TEDx event globally happening with VR speakers. We were happy to be able to show you four of the 8 speakers in our line-up on 10.10.2020 and will continue to bring you the brightest visionaries on our shared green future in the upcoming weeks including the whole talks after post-production that will envision even better what innovation can come to life during a global pandemic and a global sustainability crisis. We hope that you enjoyed Mark Rijmenam, Freek Teunen, Anouk Brinker and Chiara Moenter and we can’t wait to show you the final result of their talks later together with the upcoming speakers on TEDx Nijmegen and TEDx Global.

About the event
Countdown is a global initiative to raise awareness in solving global challenges. Countdown organizes an event in October where leading thinkers and doers discuss about a healthy, abundant, zero-emission future. These new examples of real progress, ideas and powerful reasons show why the period after the Corona crisis is the time to – Take Action.

This Countdown event brings together leaders from various businesses, the financial sector, government, local communities, science, art and philanthropy together. Countdown sets several projects and partnerships with the aim: to build a better future by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by 2030 in the race for a CO2-free world – a world that is safe cleaner and fairer for everyone.

We can change climate change – #JoinTheCountdown to a safer, cleaner one and fairer future. Countdown invites cooperation from any organization, company, city, country and citizen from all over the globe. It is a movement that is accessible to everyone – and everyone has a crucial role to play.

On October 10, we made history by delivering the platform for the first TEDx Talks in Virtual Reality.