Nick van Breda – General Country director Campus Party Digital The Netherlands
Social entrepreneur and founder of, among others, Vertelknuffel and Stamboom (family tree) to help people build a meaningful relationship with a complete stranger and then develop into a world citizen. He supports organizations with digital transformation processes, starting with desired scenarios and translating back to realizations in the medium and short term. This includes his rich knowledge of trend discovery and tech applications where he thinks it is fantastic to support young people in leveraging those too, to transform their ideas and dreams into successful companies with a socially driven core. Since 2014, Nick has been coaching the young and old through entrepreneurial programs and hackathons that give people the opportunity to quickly come into contact with people who believe in the power of creation so that they no longer have to hide in videogames or boring jobs. The urge to help other people arose from a personal transition in 2012 that Nick had previously spoken about in two TEDxYouth editions. He is currently working hard on elevating the event industry with hybrid and digital events to give 3D to 7D digital experiences to reach event targets that normally would be tagged of physically. New tech such as XR is broadly incorporated in these events and spark peoples creativity.