René Donders, started as an Artist and Painter, and was invited to join the HAN University of applied science as an Art Teacher. During the years, he kept fighting for the importance of personal growth and the human aspect in education. In his view, schools should become a kind of home and a playground by being efficient and the best; not a Neoliberal company focusing on making profit,. By maintaining this focus, he developed student challenging symposia; and through studying a master course in art education, he researched and brought to light the impact of art performance on personal development in education. In recent years, his interest in doing something against climate change and his support of the Sustainable Development Goals, teamed up in these efforts for personal development. It is from the urgent call of a countdown to no return in this Virtual TEDx event, that he will speak to you about facing discomfort and how this will free you to do the necessary.

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