My professional journey from Beta to Gamma to Alpha

In the last 25 years I have been active in the Technology (Beta) domain with 10 years active within Singularity University. In the last 8 years I moved increasingly to Organizations and Economics (Gamma) due to my bestselling book Exponential Organizations. I noticed some gaps in the reasoning within both the Technology and Economics domains. There was a lack of awareness of the increasing importance and urgency of the more human and liberal arts (Alpha) aspects in the world. Exponential technologies and organizations can only create a better world when deeply embedded in human and ecological awareness and principles. This is also my personal journey. I realized in the last 4 years I had neglected the key value and relevance of personal transformation, ethics, self awareness, art in broad terms, spirituality, nature and the value of ancient wisdom. As such and also related to emerging technologies and new organizational models. This is a story about a shift from mind to heart to soul, from ego to ancestral, from abstractions to reality, from knowledge to imagination, from outside to inside.a